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Night shoot, the 35mm vs 18-135mm

On a stunning moonlit night I ventured out locally to try out the 35mm f2 lens on a bit of landscape and some stars. Unfortunately no stars due to the just past full Wolf moon, but some great landscape shots of the Arrochar Alps with the fresh snow blowing off the tops creating an amazing sight.

F2 35mm landscape shot from Hells Glen looking towards Beinn Ghlas, Foreground lit with the car headlights with the f2 lens allowing a fantastic amount of light into the lens giving a great depth of field in the pictures. No aurora unfortunately.

A bit too cold to stay out long but getting cold was worth the pictures. The pictures above are taken with the 35mm f2 Yonguno lens. Not the most expensive on the market but still a quality lens. Focus is not as sharp as I would like however on manual focus (rather than autofocus) it is quite good.

The pictures below are taken with the Canon 18-135 IS f4 -5.6 and gives a much wider field of view and brings a clearer crisper picture.

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